Meet The Drivers

  1. Riley Johnston
    TAG Sr Favorite Formula One Driver: Kimi Raikkonen Favorite Track: KCKA Favorite Quote: I Just wanted to rattle his cage a little bit (Dale Earnhardt) Nickname: Rylo Why do you race?: Cause I aint good at any high school sports. They all suck anyways!!
  2. Kevin Koenig
    Kid Karts
  3. Aaron Brockelman
    Clone Class Why do you race?: Good Question Favorite Sport: Karting, Skateboarding Favorite Quote: "Problems cannot be solved with the same level of thinking that created them." -Albert Einstien
  4. Courtnee Gharst
    LO2O6 Favorite Driver: Danica Patrick Favorite Track: Hallet and Heartland Park Topeka Favorite Quote: "Shake and bake fren shake and bake!"
  5. Gabriel Venegas
    TAG 60 (Micro-Swift) Favorite Car: Ferrari 488 Spider ​Favorite Movie: Captain Underpants ​Favorite Color: Blue or Orange Dream Job: Race Car Driver ​Nickname: Gabe ​Why do you race?: "Because its fun to go fast and hang out with friends"
  6. Taumr Sutton
    TAG 60 (Mini-Swift) Favorite Driver: Sebastian Vettel Favorite Track: KCKA Dream Job: Formula One Driver Favorite Sport: Karting Favorite Car: Porsche 918
  7. Chase Koenig
    TAG 60 (Micro-Swift)
  8. Jennifer Brockelman
    Clone Class Why do you love Karting?: "I love the people and the excitement of race day; competition, and comradely. That moment in time when nothing else matters." Favorite Track: Heartland Park Topeka Favorite Driver: Aaron Brockelman Favorite Quote: "Everybody Wants Some" -Nashville Pussy
  9. Kris Barker
    Kid Kart Favorite Sport: NASCAR Dream Job: Race Car Driver Favorite Movie: Cars 3
  10. Oliver Cunningham
    TAG 60 (Mini-Swift) Favorite Driver: Lewis Hamilton Favorite Track: Hallet Favorite Quote: "If your not first, your last" Dream Job: Formula One Driver Why Do You Race?: "It gives me the freedom to go as fast as I can"​
  11. Sara Scharnhorst
    TAG 60 (Micro-Swift)
  12. Quinn Cunningham
    TAG 60 (Micro-Swift) ​Favorite Driver: Valtteri Bottas Favorite Track: JRP Speedway Favorite Quote: "Hairy Baaaby" Nickname: Quinnjin Why do you race?: "You don't have to have a drivers license to drive fast"
  13. Trae Gharst
    TAG 60 (Mini-Swift) Favorite Driver: Lewis Hamilton Favorite Track: Route 66 ​Favorite Movie: Cars 3 Favorite Quote: "Dilly Dilly!"
  14. Brian Price
    TAG Sr
  15. David Davis
  16. Ted Hite
    Clone Class Why do you Race?: "Because Butterfly collecting Sucks!" Nickname: "Turbo-Ted" Favorite Driver: Courtnee Gharst Favorite Track: Motorsports Ranch, Texas Favorite Movie: American Grafiti Favorite Sport: Racing Favorite Car: Porsche Favorite Quote: "Maybe we should all have a spelling contest." - Val Kilmer
  17. Fred Watts
    Yahmaha Why do you race?: Competition and being a third generation racer Favorite Car: Corvette Favorite Driver: Denny Hamlin
  18. William Sotir
    TAG Sr
  19. Alex Ransom
    TAG Sr
  20. Kris Reifschneider
    Kid Kart
  21. Clayton Monteil
    Kid Kart
  22. Ben Koenig
    TAG Sr