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    ​​Do You Have To Have Racing Experience to race at KCKA?


    No, one of the great things about KCKA is the fact that you do not have to have racing experience to race with us. Throughout the races you run, you are sure to learn how to race!
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    What is the atmosphere like at KCKA?


    At KCKA, every race is a good time. We all are family here and we all help each other out with any problem they might have. We love racing and we love being competitive, but at the end of the day, we walk away as friend.
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    How do watch the races if I am not able to attend?


    1. Go to our DriveTribe link under our Schedule Tab 2. Check out the Facebook Live Stream
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    What Karting can teach kids:


    1. Driving skills that will make them better drivers on the real world streets that just might save their life someday. 2. Instincts on what other drivers may do and how to react in situations. 3. Mechanical skills and knowledge that will be handy throughout their life. 4. Ability to know about and use tools. (Today’s kids don’t know) 5. Physical world dexterity that computer gaming doesn’t provide. 6. Spend quality family time together. (It’s still cool to do as teenagers)
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    Is it safe?


    Statistically safer than driving here, playing football, etc.
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    Is there safety gear?


    They are required to wear Helmets, Neck Braces, Chest\Rib Protectors, Driving Suits, Driving Gloves, Driving Shoes designed for this purpose.
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    Is the track safe?


    Track Rules are explained every event and in place to make safety the number 1 priority
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